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The corrosion-resistant valve of fluoroplastic or plastic lining and the pipeline accessories cover the following features owing to the inherent properties in aspects of installation and maintenance of product:
1. The flange cover of valve or pipe components shall not be disconnected randomly, only if it is prepared to connect with the pipeline, otherwise, PTFE flange may affect the sealing owing to collision, scratch and deformation caused by temperature difference and foreign matters. If it moves the cover by requirements of inspection, it shall promptly replace the cover after inspection to protect the flange surface of PFE.
2. When the corrosion-resistant valve of fluoroplastic or plastic lining and the pipeline accessories are connected with the pipeline, generally it doesn*t use gasket individually, but if it is connected with the different materials (metal surface, etc.), it shall adopt proper gasket to protect the flange surface of PFE.
3. If the product leaks in higher temperature in system operation, it shall first reduce the system temperature to room temperature, and then find out the reason to maintain it.
4. It is forbidden to implement high-temperature welding on valve and pipe components to avoid the permanent damage of lining layer.
5. The flange nut shall be winded firmly and orderly according to the direction of catercorner and matched with proper moment:
(1) If the sealing surface of the flange is leaked, and the leakage position is locked firmly, it shall loose the half round of nut at that position, and then lock it with the same moment.
(2) If the above methods don*t take effect, it shall inspect whether the flange surface has impress and scratch, which shall be leveled and reconnected with coated abrasives.
6. The valve and pipe components shall be stored in dry and ventilated room and forbidden to be stacked.
7. The sealing surface of the long-term stored valve shall be slightly opened and separated, and it shall avoid the deformation caused by long-term pressing and effect of sealing property and service life.
8. When it manually operates the valve, it is forbidden to depend on other levers to turn on and turn off the valve with strong force.
9. The valve with the requirements of direction shall be noticed that the flow direction of the medium shall be according to the direction of arrow above the valve to guarantee convenient operation and maintenance.
10. The maintained valve shall have qualified test according to the relevant standard before installation.

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