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PTFE bellows(expansion joint)
  • Use occasion: It can be used to eliminate the extension of pipeline, container or equipment caused by climate change or swell or displacement caused by other   reasons; and used as the vibration-relief device in the access of pump or the two ends of other high frequency machine to reduce or eliminate the vibration; also used to absorb the deviation between design and actual install-ation.
  • Excellent performance: It solves the problem that the metal compensator has bad compensation ability and corrosion resistance  to reduce the enterprise cost and promote the production benefits; besides, it is reliable and has compact structure and high    compensation ability, which can extend the using life of pipeline.
Special pieces of specific or non standard size can be manufactured on request.

Note: Type A for bellows with steel shield, type B with stainless steel nets set, the length of the negative resistance    type size and technical parameter not include within this form.

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