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PTFE lined pipe fittings
  • Nominal Diameter (mm/in.): DN15-DN600 (NPS 1/2-NPS 24)  
  • Operating temperature:  -20-180
  • Operating pressure: -0.09MPa-1.6MPa (-0.9bar-16bar)          
  • Pipe: Seamless steel.
Flange: ASME B16.5 Class 150   Flange options: HG, GB, JB, JIS, BS, DIN ,ANSI ,ASTM
Special pieces of specific or non standard size can be manufactured on request.

Operating instruction of PTFE lined pipe (according to HG/T21562)
1. Positive pressure: It shall adopt steel components according to different technical requirements, and the thickness of PTFE wall shall be over 2mm. If the temperature is less than 100 degree, the production length shall be less than 6m; and if the temperature exceeds 100 degree, the length shall be less than 3m.
2. Negative pressure: Design according to different ambient conditions of the users.


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