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 Design standard: GB12237-89    HG/T3704-2003
 Structure length: HG/T3704-2003    GB/T12221-2005
 Flange standard:     JB/T79.1    GB/T79113.1    ANSIB16.5
 Nominal pressure:   0.6  1.0  1.6  2.5MPa  150Lb
 Check test: JB/T9092-99, electric spark test; GB/T13927,
                    vapour pressure test AP1598
 Driving mode: Manual operation, worm wheel,
                        air-operating and electronic operating
 Lining martial:  FEP (F46), PFA(FA), E-TFE(F40) and PTFE (F4)
 Valve material: Cast steel and stainless steel


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