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Glass lined new type plate condenser

Common plate-type condenser
The smaller single home opening (reciprocal chiasmata 180∼) can increase the fluid resistance, so the distribution of the gas is uneven and easy to cause bias current, thus it is not proper to use in vacuum.
It has great thickness and slow speed of cooling water, so it*s easy to have scale with low heat exchange efficiency.
It usually uses the gasket above 20mm, the expansion and shrinkage are great and easy to be deformed with low pressure resistance, especially in the higher vacuum, it usually causes leakage
New plate-type condenser
As for the disadvantages of common plate-type condenser, it implements research, improvement, experiment, trial run and test to obtain new design, and now it has promoted new plate-type condenser. The equipment can be used for higher vacuum dissolution device (the pressure is up to 130Pa), so which improves the decreasing and leakage of pressure.
It adopts six-hole design to reduce the thickness of condensing piece and promote the speed of cooling water. Compared with the common condenser with the same area, the heat transfer efficiency has increased above 50% and is hard to form scale.
It uses the gasket of 10mm with small expansion and shrinkage and high pressure resistance.

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